Revolutionize RecruitmentFrom First Contact to Scheduled
Interview, Effortlessly.

Experience a 10× boost
in your recruiting efforts.

Intelligent Candidate Sourcing

Pin's AI delves into your company's unique ecosystem to identify ideal candidates, ensuring a perfect fit for your team's needs.

Illustration showing the functionality of Intelligent Candidate Sourcing

Customized Candidate Engagement

Elevate your first impression with AI-crafted messages that resonate with each candidate's profile, highlighting your company's unique opportunities.

Illustration showing the functionality of Customized Candidate Engagement

Hassle-Free Interview Scheduling

Our AI simplifies the scheduling process, ensuring timely interactions and automated follow-ups to keep candidates engaged and informed.

Illustration showing the functionality of Hassle-Free Interview Scheduling

Streamlined Communication Channels

Maintain engaging dialogues with candidates using our smart inbox, and never lose track of a conversation with our innovative 'Who's Not Replying' feature.

Illustration showing the functionality of Streamlined Communication Channels